Doing good when you give a gift?

Can you do good when you give a gift? We’re not talking here about writing an important year-end check to your favorite charity. In the example posed recently by Forbes Magazine, you are writing a check or making an on-line gift on behalf of someone else entirely.

Instead of a soccer ball for your nephew, you are buying a soccer ball for a child in a refugee camp overseas. Or the cost of a pair of shoes or a recording — something to put in a gift bag — includes a portion that benefits people you will never see.

You can do the same right here at home, whether you make a donation in honor of another person or you buy an actual present that benefits a charity’s work.  Consider the possibilities:

  • Buy your holiday presents at a nonprofit gift shop.
  • Invest in a membership that provides access to a local attraction that your loved one can enjoy year-round.
  • Pick up a ticket to one of many great performances lighting up local stages in the new year.

Don’t look for a list here, because there are just too many choices! Instead, do your own exploring on line or in person.  At the least, it’s a chance to find something special for the person who seems to “have everything.” At its best, this kind of giving gives us a chance to stop and think.

Want to give to the Community Foundation? We can help you too — no gift shop, tickets or memberships, but plenty of great ways to improve life for everyone in our community.

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