Lora Terry expands role to serve donors

Lora Terry (left) and Kathryn Corey

Our 2012 Donor Perception Report told us a lot about how our donors view the Community Foundation. We heard, loud and clear, that our Donor Advisors want to be involved in big things, they care about impact and they appreciate the Results Framework as a guide for your grantmaking.

As part of our response to those findings, Lora Terry has moved into an expanded role as Donor Relations Manager. On staff since 2011, she now is working even more closely with Kathryn Corey, Vice President Donor Relations, to make sure we make it easy for our Donor Advisors to make the most of their charitable giving.

Watch for even more opportunities to tap the power of philanthropy together, from site visits to grant reports. Or contact Lora or Kathryn to find out more about the Giving Together program.

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