National Public Health Week begins April 2

West End Community GardensWe’re glad to be part of celebrating National Public Health Week along with the Jefferson County Department of Health. We have no special event planned at the Community Foundation, but are taking this moment to reflect on the great work we support as part of the Health Action Partnership.

Two key elements — eating healthier and exercising regularly — can help all of us decrease the risk of death from heart disease, cancer and stroke, for example. Our grants to improve access to healthy foods and increase opportunities for physical exercise support important strategies toward a Result that our community wants: People can lead healthy lives.

By helping to bring in $14 million in foundation and federal support. we have been part of developing a bike, walk, hike trail system with as many as 750 miles linking our community. We have invested in developing farmer’s markets and teaching people how to grow and prepare healthy foods, all in neighborhoods where people previously had little access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have supported education for cafeteria workers in ways to provide healthier foods for boys and girls and “walking school buses” to help children get extra exercise as they walk safely along their neighborhood sidewalks.

These efforts represent only part of the great work of many nonprofit partners. As the Public Health Week website says, “A Healthier America Begins Today.” We’re glad to say that a healthier community has already begun right here and we look forward to seeing continued success, today and every day.

Click here for a list of current grants to support this Result. If you want to know more about how you can support our work on this Result, contact Erin Stephenson at 205-327-3805.

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