Access to Advised Funds


Check your options for making a gift or grant

If you already have established an Advised Fund that is part of the Community Foundation and wish to recommend a grant or check the balance available for grantmaking, check your options below or contact Kathryn Corey to find out more.

  • Your CF: If you already have received your password to connect through Your Community Foundation, click here for on-line access to your fund balance and grant recommendation system.
  • Fax or e-mail: If you wish to submit your grant recommendation by fax to 205-328-6576 or by e-mail, you can download Grant Request Form┬átype in the information, save and send it to Lora Terry.

How can I leverage my giving through an Advised Fund?

In you do not already have an Advised Fund at the Community Foundation, you can find out more from Erin Stephenson about how to make the most of charitable giving for yourself, your family or your business. At any time, you can give in any amount, using a variety of assets, to add to other grantmaking funds of the Community Foundation or to support any aspect of the Results Framework.