Communities are Sustainable, Livable & Vibrant

As part of an overall framework for our grantmaking, our advocacy and our leadership, the Community Foundation is focusing on four key Results, including this one: Communities are sustainable, livable & vibrant.

Here’s why:

Parks, bike and walking trails and open spaces are key ingredients of great communities. Studies show that public green space promotes social cohesion, reduces crime, attracts businesses, pomotes healthy and active lifestyles and helps build stronger communities.

Here’s how:
  • With the help of our donors, the Community Foundation was a leader in raising $5 million to match the $10 million TIGER grant that launched the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail system master plan.
  • We watch with how Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, Railroad Park and Red Mountain Park continue to build on our leadership effort in the Three Parks Initiative, opening more green space for easy use.
  • We continue to support the vigor of the arts and cultural sector, using what our community told us was important in the Cultural Master Plan for Greater Birmingham.
  • We supported Birmingham Lights, the four permanent light-art installations that connect the North and south sides of Birmingham through our Community Catalyst Funds.
  • We respond to immediate needs, such as neighborhoods devastated in 2011 and 2012 tornadoes
Our grants for this Result focus on four strategies:
  • Expand and improve public green space
  • Further develop vibrant city center for Birmingham
  • Improve the natural environment
  • Expand access to arts and cultural opportunities

Recent Grants

Program staff:

Gus Heard-Hughes

Zhaundra Jones