Access to care helps people stay healthier

M Power  Path ClinicA two-year grant of $50,000 from the Community Foundation to M-Power Ministries is already making a difference for people in poverty in Jefferson County.  The creation of the PATH (Providing Access to Health Care) Clinic, serving adults at or below 150 percent of poverty level, already is showing results in improved access to care for vulnerable populations, a key strategy in helping people lead healthy lives.

According to patient surveys, participation in the PATH Clinic reduced 95 percent of uncompensated and likely unnecessary emergency room visits. That means a savings of $5.49 to the community for every $1 invested through this Community Foundation grant.

Other results show improved care for patients:

  • When the clinic opened, 10 percent of its patients with chronic conditions were receiving long-term care or medications on a regular basis. A year after the grant was awarded, that number is 14.3 percent
  • Previously, patients had access to prescribed medications for approximately 3.5 months. Now 100 percent of patients receive medications on a regular and continuous basis, with no gaps in care.
  • On a 10-point scale, patients initially rated their overall health condition as 5.1; now that rating is 8.3.

Find out why People can lead healthy lives is an important Result for our community. You can support this Result with a gift on line or contact Erin Stephenson to find out more options for giving.

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