Blount County partners to keep students on track

Blount County Education FoundationWhat does partnership mean for nonprofit organizations receiving grants from the Community Foundation? For the Blount County Education Foundation (BCEF), a $90,000 grant over three years boosts library and day camp programs for more than 4,000 students at all grade levels.

The grant supports summer enrichment programs in math, science, arts and technology, programs that will continue through 2015 while BCEF evaluates and makes changes along the way.  As part of our partnership, the Community Foundation also will be part of the Evaluation Team, learning what works best and using that knowledge in other efforts to fight summer learning loss.

According to Mitchie Neel, BCEF executive director, an assessment is administered three times each year and can show how participants in the summer learning program are performing as part of the whole student population.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to build on a program that already has strong community support,” said James McCrary, Vice President Grants and Evaluation for the Community Foundation. “School administrators and faculty are thinking creatively and moving in bold, new directions. They want to be on the cutting edge in looking for ways to have a positive impact on their students.”

To find out more about this and other strategies toward our goal of making children successful along the education pipeline, contact James McCrary.

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