Donors & staff side by side on Working Together days

Staff and donors in Pratt CityGenerous individuals and families who use the Community Foundation to make the most of their giving already know the power of leveraging their gifts to do even more through the Giving Together program.  They also know how much they learn on site visits to see outstanding nonprofits at work.

In March 2012, these Community Foundation donors joined staff members and other volunteers on a Habitat for Humanity worksite in Pratt City, combining their efforts to help a tornado survivor get closer to returning home.

Kathryn Corey, Vice President Donor Relations, organized the three days called “Working Together.”  While this effort was going on, another wave of tornadoes brought destruction and death to Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia and north Alabama, reminding us all of the continued needs in the face of natural disaster.

These storms, along with the ones in January that hit hard in greater Birmingham, demonstrate the value of the Community Foundation as a safety net for the community. And the Working Together days provide one more example of what we say every day — when we work together and give together, we can do so much more.

Contact Kathryn Corey to find out more about the on-going Giving Together program, which combines grants from Advised Funds with on-going grants to achieve the Results our community wants for itself.

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