Payroll deduction helps family give & grow Advised Fund

The Riser FamilyGiving and growing – that is the future of the Riser Family Fund, thanks to some creative thinking and a little help from payroll deduction.

Buster Riser established the Riser Family Fund in 1998, with his siblings as advisors. Today, all have adult children and Buster wanted to include them all – his own children, nieces and nephews – as contributors and advisors to this Advised Fund.

“My hope always was that everyone would pitch in what they could and that ultimately a trickle would become an ocean,” Riser said, explaining how he uses payroll deduction to make it easier to increase the flow.

Buster Riser and several other family members were easily able to set aside a regular amount through payroll deduction. Now this goes automatically into the Riser Family Fund, helping all generations to share in giving and growing the assets that they can now use — together — to benefit the community.

Members of the Birmingham Change Fund, a giving circle within the Community Foundation, also use payroll deduction to make regular gifts. To find out more about how you can add the payroll deduction option to give to an established grantmaking fund of the Community Foundation, contact Kathryn Corey or Lora Terry.

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