The Waltons on Giving Together

The Walton Family

Jane and Philip Walton use the Giving Together program to maximize the impact of their grants in partnership with on-going grants from Community Funds of the Community Foundation.

They view philanthropy as an important value to share with the next generation and view the Community Foundation as an important partner in passing on this legacy. At their request, Kathryn Corey, Vice President Donor Relations, conducted a family meeting to talk with the Waltons’ adult children about how they want to make their community better.

The Waltons also are looking for ways to engage their grandchildren in the challenges and excitement of making grant decisions. Starting at age 13, each grandchild gets the chance to recommend a grant of $500, after first studying options and perhaps making a site visit.

“We chose to set up an Advised Fund so that successive generations can continue to make gifts with the same simplicity,” Walton said. “We have the comfort and security of knowing that the staff and board of the Community Foundation will always be there and monitoring the process.”

To find out more about how you can involve your children in grantmaking through an Advised Fund or take a site visit to one of our community’s amazing nonprofits, contact Kathryn Corey.

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